Chodo (k-54) 1952 by Mark Schimmer (roger-wilco-66]
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Thread: Chodo (k-54) 1952 by Mark Schimmer (roger-wilco-66]

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    Icon9 Chodo (k-54) 1952 by Mark Schimmer (roger-wilco-66]


    Scenery is stunning,
    but in which map in FSX should I put the map Flightplans txt (AI Boatstraffic with routes txt and AI Flightplans?

    Kind regards

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    The various AI flight plans, presuming the ones you're talking about are the .bgl files, should go into FSX\Scenery\World\Scenery. That's for both planes and boats.
    Does that help?
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    Smile AI traffic in CHodo (k-54) 1952 RKCH

    Hi Pat,

    Thank you very much: it works


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