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    IL-2 1946 Newbie...

    I just picked up 1946 from Steam as it was $10 and I couldn't get my disk copy of FB to work on Windows 10. I have found other places that have mods and stuff for 1946 but not sure where to start and asking on some of those places can be scary as they snap at you about using the search function, etc...even using search, their is so much to go through it is hard to find something either new or that is good.

    The Steam version is updated to 4.12 or something like that. What I am trying to find out is how to select something other than just the Pacific campaigns. Something that even lets me try the jets or other areas.

    Which ones do people really like, if anyone is still playing this game?


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    Good forums for understanding the complicated MOD install process - great for missions etc.

    I haven't touched the sim in months and keep meaning to but it's a time factor.
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    Thanks for the links. Checking them out tonight...

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    Try also ... All kinds of add-ons and advice to do just about anything you want to do with Il2 1946.

    have fun! - Mike Z.

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    Thanks guys for the help...I have VP Mod installed and working on the BAT one next.

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    Play several different installs but VP modpack and BAT are my favorites. Play VP the most as i'm mainly into WWII. Enjoy M4T and sas1946 the most. They won't bite your head off if looking for help. There are help threads for everything at sas1946 and the people there are nice to boot. Here at SOH that is not always the case i've found.Just getting help can be hard sometimes here.

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