Dueling Rescue Helicopter!
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Thread: Dueling Rescue Helicopter!

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    Dueling Rescue Helicopter!

    Air battle being waged between Orange County sheriff, fire helicopters over emergency calls:

    NB: a fully audio recording is included in this linked report.
    Emergency radio recordings show that helicopter pilots with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the Orange County Fire Authority bickered, and that sheriff pilots ignored a direct order to “stand down,” during a pair of rescues in Laguna Beach and Orange on Saturday, April 29, revealing an escalating battle between the two agencies over helicopter-related emergencies and who responds to them.

    I simply cannot get past the completely unprofessional conduct that took place during this incident. All of the individuals involved in this verbal battle over the radio completely ignored the primary rule in rescues: "the patient's welfare is always the primary focus!"
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    well i havent had the chance to listen to this as i cant get my sound to work again,uhg..anyway seems to me that LE and the FDs have faught over jurisdiction for years anyway.so this doesnt surprise me any.usually if a cop is called to a scene,even if the FD rtequested them,they want to take over,i was even threatened with arrest at a structure fire,the cop was a wuss (id known him for many years already)and as digger and i were about to make entry he grabbed my nozzle and jerked me sideways,knocking me off my knees,was very well involved and we were going to enter on our knees for safety , and this wingnut started screaming at me to back off or he would arrest me,,,later that day i filed a complaint (while sitting next to the police chief at a 49ers game)and told him that if Jim ever did anything like that to me again,id toss his arse head first into the fire.Mike,the chief told me later he chewed on jim for an hour,and then jim stopped me and chewed on me for a bit,,until i decked him an drove off...and no he didnt do anything,he knew better.he could lock me all he wanted but he knew i knew where he lived and id beat him anytime....im not being a jerk here,,,a bunch of us used to fight often,was sort of a game.jim has called me for years to help him out even during a bar fight HE started...lol

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    At the rate this incident was resolved, the patient could have expired from old age.

    A few years ago, I had to lay four hours in the ER with fifteen broken bones, waiting for the specialist.
    It was not pleasant...my empathy is with the patient.
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