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Thread: Talented texture artist(s) required

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    Quote Originally Posted by tankerguy72 View Post
    Fixed that issue

    Now they're so much easier to count!

    Seriously, very nice work!

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    Really nice work so far. Looking forward to this one, I remember seeing them all the time in So Cal when I was a kid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by warchild View Post
    Our P-61 runs perfectly well in P3Dv4 and its a five year old model.. this should work fine..
    Yep and the C-119 has been repeatedly tested on my system (Win10_P3D_V4.1) with no problems at all. The big stumbling blocks are usually 32bit dll's and "gau" style gauges. . .this has neither.
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    Great to hear! I am gradually migrating to P3Dv4 and love what I am seeing here.

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    No, no, no, no! You've got a D rivet in there, fifth from the left! They're all supposed to be DD rivets!
    Looking really nice, folks.

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    Received the Long Nose model from Larry yesterday and started work on it.


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    Excellent stuff there TG and Larry. Great to see this progress.
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    Thanks Milton! Its been a joy to help on this one.

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    Storm! So glad you're still frequenting these parts!
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    Oh yes... It just keeps getting better and better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 000rick000 View Post
    Storm! So glad you're still frequenting these parts!
    Thanks Rick! I'm still pretty much out of the game these days but I can't help but admire the work on these pending projects. As such I feel compelled to chime in compliment those who are making it all happen (and will continue to do so in the future). Can't wait to see this model when it's done.


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    That looks so good. Model and textures. Brilliant work!
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    Quote Originally Posted by scotth6 View Post
    That looks so good. Model and textures. Brilliant work!
    +1, nice work and textures looks very well!
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    Working on a naked version. Starting to get the hang of what does what making specs and alphas. Lots of trial and error.

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    Awesome. That's a lot of work on those bump maps.

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    Thats a nice looking ride!!!!!!
    Rob "Muckdog" Schreiber

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    looking very good!
    so sorry I don't have more time..
    You can find most of my repaints in the library here on the outhouse

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    I am so thrilled to see this project making progress. All the work by all this talent is mind-numbing. I have never tried to design a flight simulator aircraft in my life. I have nothing but the utmost respect for those who can and then provide the result as freeware. I'm speechless. I wish I could hug all of you.

    I have dabbled in repaints and although for what I do I think I do well, it is obvious from the screenshots of tankerguy's work that I am light years behind him in skill. I've been using GIMP26 and Paint.net and can see now that I am just stumbling in the dark behind a very good group of talented people and seeing a glimmer of light ahead of me at times.

    I have subscribed to this thread because I want to be there in line on day 1 of the release. I cannot begin to put in to words how amazing and talented all of you working or associated with this project are.

    Thank you is all I got. I hope it's enough.

    Randy Tyndall
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    Thanks for all the kind words I can say that I've definitely learned the majority of my skills from watching the fine folks on this site.

    Don't get discouraged Randy, this is my first time doing full textures with bumps and specs and also first time trying bare metal textures. It's a never ending learning process and you never feel like you completely finish on a job.


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    Really impressive texture work man!
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    As Tankerguy is doing such an amazing job on the textures I felt it was only fair to modify the C-119G to meet his preferred flying style. It's taken me more than two full days to build, map and animate all the parts but I'm getting there slowly. Now to duplicate everything and move it back and re-check all animations.

    I think it's going to be worth all the effort in the end.

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