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    Wow, QW is really being blasted as they have said they are not working on a P3D V4 model right now. A lot of people are getting oom's in FSX and there is no save flight function.

    How can they not release P3D versions. It's the future of flight simming along with X-Plane and I hope Flight Simulator World.

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    Interesting, since they haven't changed their home page.


    The QualityWings Ultimate 787 Collection is a payware add-on now available for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Development is planned for Prepared3D V4.
    Wonder if this has anything to do with DTG and their agreement with Boeing.

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    Here is the relevant P3D stuff from their most recent facebook update. P3D V4 is "not a priority ... before we introduce it into this additional platform", not that it won't be supported or eventually released. There just won't be a P3D V3 version, which is understandable if people are having FSX OOMs which are related to the 4GB limit of 32-bit applications.

    P3D Version 4 QuestionsThank you for your interest in the P3D Version of this product. When will the P3D VersionFirst and foremost, our priority right now is NOT P3D V4. I repeat, our CURRENT priority is NOTPrepar3D V4. Our priority is ensure that the FSX version is stabilized before we introduce it into this additional platform. This is no different than anything we have said previously. We may be able to provide a better outlook on P3DV4 once we release a Service pack for the Ultimate 787 for FSX.Will you provide release for P3D V3 or earlier versions?No we will not. The Ultimate 787 will support the latest version of that platform.If I purchase the FSX Version of the Ultimate 787, will I receive the P3D version as a free upgrade?No, you will not receive the P3D Version as a free upgrade. We will come up with some sort of discount offer that will be fair for you and us. Details will come at a later date once we determine what is needed for P3D.

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