Airspeed courier
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Thread: Airspeed courier

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    Airspeed courier

    I'm pleased to announce that the Airspeed Courier is now available at

    Some details of this aircraft will be found in the Courier-History.txt file. Oh - and it performs well in FSX but I don't expect it to work in P3D (although I have no means of trying it.)

    Dave M(oly)
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    Bravo !!!

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    Do not fear the enemy, for they can take only your life. Fear the media far more, for they will destroy your honour.

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    Permalink added to OP and sticky stuff smeared!

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    Look at the shape of that machine. You can see the Oxford on it's way.....

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    After the Courier came the Envoy; a twin built very much along the lines of the Courier, even using the same outer wing panels.
    Then came the Oxford, another twin, designed to a RAF specification, and its civilian version; the Consul.
    Dave M(oly)

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    One last bum as I unstick this one...

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    er, I take it you mean 'bump' there Tom....



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    Quote Originally Posted by Motormouse View Post
    er, I take it you mean 'bump' there Tom....


    The "P" on my home laptop tends to stick!

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