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    Fsx disk codes!

    Now Using Steam FSX,No Problems ...I Wish to Install FSX Original Disk Set Up.....As I Have Three Or Four Sets Of Disks,They are All mixed up....They Install OK..But the CODE Numbers ..Do Not Have A Clue As To What to enter...Any Way Around The Code Entry Numbers?? Thnx In Advance...

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    The disk box should contain a label with the product key. For me FSX consists of two (DVD) disks and Acceleration is one (DVD) disk.


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    Still using FSX/Acceleration. Originally FSX could only be loaded onto one machine and if you bought a new one you had to buy a fresh copy. What happens now if you want to load it up on another/a new machine? Now you can't buy it can you load old copies?


    PS - OK so I should swap to Steam or P3D!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by napacon View Post
    Now Using Steam FSX,No Problems ...I Wish to Install FSX Original Disk Set
    Why? Unless you have one of the very rare, old add-ons which only works with the boxed version, you're much better off using FSX:SE.

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    The activation key inside the DVD box is your ticket to the FSXMS rollercoaster. No ticket, no ride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vortex View Post
    why? Unless you have one of the very rare, old add-ons which only works with the boxed version, you're much better off using fsx:se.
    learned with irma one can have no power..also learned one can recover power...having power does not give auto internet...as for instance fsx steam needs the net,,,but a disk install does not..other than for the live weather,one can fly...my question was is there anyway to install without the codes of which i have..problem with three sets of disks? Confusing to get a matched set yes into fsx steam big time i also use fs9, no problem thanx all

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    One thing to consider.
    You will need to uninstall the steam version before installing the disk version or they will interfere with each other.
    You can then re-install the steam version after as it will detect the disk version and make changes so it wont interfere with it.
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    Or you can setup FSX SE to play off line. You need to do this within the Steam program.



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    One set of FSX Deluxe disks is the same as another set, only the licence codes in the cases will vary. It doesn't/shouldn't matter if disk 2 comes from one set and disk 1 from another, just use one of your valid licence codes for Deluxe when activating FSX. Same goes for Acceleration. I had Gold on my old machine and recently installed it on my new rig and it didn't even murmur.

    There was a hiccup activating Acceleration, but that's been answered in a thread here last year and also at FlightSim.
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    I found that installing FSXA is a nightmare and long process under W10 64 - disc 1 sat there for near on 30 minutes before doing anything. Plus once accomplished there is confusion for certain programs when both are installed. My examples are MyTraffic 6 which is a quirky enough program to install without confusing it further with FSXA FSXSE and P3D lurking on the system.
    Also Some older ORBX files didn't like it and the excellent freeby Scenery Config Editor, although it claims to support multiple entries, I found it did not do so well.
    So when my Windows lost its header recently and I started from scratch I decided to kick FSXA (which is a shame as I have FSX from 2006 cost $72 and FSX Gold from 2011 cost $32 ) into touch and just use FSXSE ($5 ). That way there is no restriction re overrunning the serial numbers of FSXA.
    With Steam reinstalling the sim is a doddle.

    Good tip above re the offline settings.
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    again thnx all...currently i use and run fs9 on my "e" drive,was thinking installing and running fsx disk on the same drive plenty of room ...i have to find the path to it.any thoughts? ..will report back on any result...

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    Just point the installer at your selected drive, eg. e/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Games/FSX or something along those lines.
    I found FSX'A' does not like playing nice with FSXE, so on the rare occasion I need FSX I use FSXE.
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    If you want to install FSX disk edition to your E drive, first create a folder for it on the E drive.
    You can give it any name you like, "FSX" is always good.
    Then, when you run the installer, select the custom option and point the installer to E:\FSX.

    As you have already been advised, FSX and FSX SE use the same folders if each is installed
    alone and if FSX is installed after FSX-SE is already there.
    They can be managed like this but it would probably be simpler to uninstall FSX-SE first and
    run something like CCleaner to remove its registry entries.
    Then install FSX disk edition and if you really need FSX-SE as well, install that.
    If you do it that way, FSX-SE will use different folders and each can be used entirely separately.

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