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    Graphic problem

    Hello everyone,
    I just found my CFS3 and decided to reinstall it by nostalgia.
    To update it, I downloaded AnKors_Shaders_27_Jan_2017.
    The problem is that I see part of the terrain in the cockpit.
    Moreover, the ground does not seem to me as beautiful as on the pictures or videos.
    Surely a bad maneuver but what?
    Apparently,the solution is - turn off "Dual Pass Render" in cfs3config but, I do not see this option in the cfs3 config.exe
    In custom configuration, I just have the graphics values, no box for advanced options.
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    There's another menu at the top left (above the slider bars) that you need to click on.
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    Thanks MajorMagee, the problem is solved.
    For other settings, there are finer settings to do or I leave like that?

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    You will get a lot of joy and some frustration from "tweaking" the config. IIRC Majormagee has posted some of his preferred settings toward the end of the Knowledgebase sticky. An older set of config settings can be found hidden in a locked cabinet under some stairs (figuratively speaking) in the Groundcrew Design website, not sure where this is hosted now, but sixstrings has a thread on links so hopefully you can get the website link there.

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    Sorry I haven't replied in more detail on ROF forum, but I didn't want to anger mods there
    As I said, though, this forum is the best place to ask about CFS3.

    Regarding other settings related to my shaders.
    I suggest to select "Disable Shadows" on the same Overrides screen. These are original cfs3 ground shadows, but my dll adds new ones and you will likely see double shadows on the ground. Getting rid of them should also improve FPS.

    Selecting two other options won't change the look, but may slightly improve FPS:
    "Disable Scenery Lighting" (it is near the bottom in the left column of options)
    "Disable Terrain Diffuse Lighting" (second one from the bottom in the right column)

    However you should NOT select "Disable Terrain Lighting" (which is above the scenery option) as it causes the ground to look weird.

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    So,I do not touch the D3D?

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    I've got a strange sun.....
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    looks like you are missing the sun disk .dds file which is normally located in the Effects/fxtextures folder. Have you moved things in and out of that folder?

    Link for GC config settings is

    But newer sttings for modern gear would be best.

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    Sorry for the delay.
    Thanks for GC config and yes, sun disk .dds disappeared .... :/

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    Forget that,with the CG configuration,all is OK.
    Thanks again !!!

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