Now that Photobucket wants a king's ransom to host photos for third-party site, I dropped my account with the basticks immediately. After reading a bunch, I decided on trying Postimage: Many links for either thumbnail or full size images are under the Share tab. One has to send Postimage one's email and they will send you a password via the email address. One can then log-in using one's email and the password sent via email. Photobucket did not just bite off their foot to save their arse, they bit off their leg. I hope they go under. As a note, if one clicks on the image one is taken to my Postimage site where one can click + for the full sized image. It all worked pretty well on one of my modeling forums that uses a different type of link.

The photos are of my build of the 1/72 scale Academy Spitfire Mk XIVc.