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Description: The good old FS2002/FS2004 Alphasim Jaguar will always be special to me, it was one of the 1st payware addons I bought. Although the model shows it's age and is quite basic for today's standards I think it still looks nice and is good fun if you just want to hop in and fly. I hope this will be a fitting tribute to the glory days of FS2004 when developers like Alphasim created such a rich variety of military aircraft types, many of those have never been (re)done for FSX. With special thanks to Phil from Virtavia for endorsing my effort.

This package includes the RAF models from Set 1 and the French model from Set 2. Some of the new features:

- FSX native models (compiled with the FSX Acceleration SDK).

- Configuration manager (requires XMLTools to fully function - see README.txt).

- Brake chute adds additional drag (linked to thrust reverser key [F2]).

- FDE reworked.

To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit Alphasim Sepecat Jaguar native FSX.zip
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