Virtavia Bristol Blenheim Reskin
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Thread: Virtavia Bristol Blenheim Reskin

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    Virtavia Bristol Blenheim Reskin

    Does anyone know of a skin for the Virtavia Bristol Blenheim depicting the only flying Blenheim today, 'L6739' based at Duxford.

    Pretty sure I've seen some screenshots of it but cannot find the reskin anywhere.

    Any help would be much appreciated


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    Here you go.

    It's not 100% accurate as the model is missing the gun pack & the real thing also has some of the nose glass painted over, but it's as near as I could get.

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    Thanks Dave, just bought this a week ago, and im really enjoying it, was hoping there was a few repaints out there,

    cheers ian

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    Thank You for that..... I do appreciate having repaints of actual restored flyers.

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