Strait of Hormuz
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    Strait of Hormuz

    "***Update***"DCS: Strait of Hormuz Map
    In parallel with updating the Caucasus map, our map teams have been busy with the DCS: Strait of Hormuz Map. The team is making great progress with completing all of the airfields, adding additional details to the towns and cities, and refining the terrain details. Combined with the new lighting and rendering system, we are increasingly happy with the look and feel of this map. We continue to strive to make this map a close approximation of this region as possible.

    Here are three images of the current state of this map."
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    A Few more WIP older shots........
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    That is looking awesome!

    I was considering getting Combat Air Patrol 2 a while back, and I think it was the DCS announcement of the Strait of Hormuz, and the Harrier, which stopped me.

    I also have too many simulators already, or I probably would have picked it up just to try it out.
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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails soh3.jpg   soh2.jpg   soh1.jpg  


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    **Short Teaser**


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    ***update from Wags***.

    "Just as we are doing for the updated Caucasus map, we will also be using SpeedTrees (trees and bushes) for the SoH map."

    The attached are images are work-in-progress, first look"
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    Seems there's been a Name Change" DCS Persian Gulf "


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    **Wags Statement Concerning Name Change**

    "The change in name is for two primary reasons:

    1- Gives us flexabilty to expand the map later
    2- A much more recognizable name of the region

    When the map is made available for sale, it will be abundantly clear of the exact area covered by the map.



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    ***New Pics***


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    **NEW A-10 TRAILER**
    Featuring new Persian Gulf Map scenes


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    Just what I saved my DCS credit for! This and the Hornet is going to be a LOT of fun!


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    Quote Originally Posted by StormILM View Post
    Just what I saved my DCS credit for! This and the Hornet is going to be a LOT of fun!
    If you mean DCS bonuses, usually they do not apply to prepurchased or discounted items.

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    Use of bonuses is very specific. For example, they can only be used for up to a maximum of 30% of the purchase price of the item you've selected. Also, if the item has bonus dollars associated with it, you don't get them if you use bonus dollars to purchase. As previously mentioned, you can not use bonus dollars on discounted items! The last thing I've noticed, if you don't meet the criteria to use bonus dollars, you will not get a selection that allows you to use them. That's my story and I'm sticking to it....
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    Quote Originally Posted by alpha charlie View Post
    If you mean DCS bonuses, usually they do not apply to prepurchased or discounted items.
    Oh yes, I am aware of that. I plan to hold off on buying until release as my bonus dollars will give me a significantly greater discount than if I pre-purchase. I do like how they do the bonus program. It's given me plenty of incentive to buy various modules.


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    Some new pics showing coastal water changes

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Screen_180415_133322.jpg   Screen_180415_133123.jpg   Screen_180415_132614.jpg  


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    All the pics and videos, nothing about the carrier ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jymp View Post
    All the pics and videos, nothing about the carrier ?
    They'll be launching The Hornet with a "Simple" Nimitz Class Carrier,You'll be able to Take-off and Trap on,A New Payware carrier is in the works,We should hear about it soon.


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