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    Got a side question regarding the size of the module downloads. On most of the module's listed requirements, it says required hard drive space between 60 and 120gb per module? If that were the case, my SSD would have been full with just a couple of modules! Currently with the base Caucasus and Nevada map and 14 aircraft modules, I am showing a total of 94gb for my entire DCS folder. So am I safe to proceed with both the F/A-18 and the Persian Gulf Map with a 125gb of space left?


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    Disregard the last. I went ahead and bought the map. With my accrued credits, I actually came out better than I would have on pre--release pricing. FYI to everyone on the map size, it ended up being in the 20gb range (give or take). The map is insanely awesome and is a truly good regional War Map with almost endless scenario possibilities. Visually it is stunning and on my aging system it runs very smoothly at high settings. The Hornet is going to be right at home in this map! I can hardly wait for the week to go by so I can fly her in this map!


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