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Thread: Bring Glenview NAS To Life Again

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    Bring Glenview NAS To Life Again

    I have seen Mask Rider's Glenview NAS which he has brought it to life in FS9, It is for CFS2,
    but with some modification it will work if you know what you are doing and for me I am very
    lacking in making a scenery like Glenview NAS.I think Maskrider's Glenview NAS is just the
    right way of bringing it to life. I hope someone can tell me how to place Mask Rider's
    Glenview NAS in the right place in FS9 instead of always ending up in the middle of a bunch
    of buildings near Chigago. The instructions say the Glenview NAS scenery has to be adjusted
    or the planes will float above the ground,

    Thank You for Any Help

    Casey Jones 7-11

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    Say, I keep getting a disappearing taxiway and runway as I get close to them on the ground but at altitude they appear normal. Is there a fix for that?
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    In my FS1954, which has an old USA landclass from FS Genesis, there are buildings pretty close to the airfield, but not really impinging on it. This probably isn't completely accurate, but it might not be too far off either. Glenview was pretty close to Chicago (it was known, at least at some time period, as NRAB Chicago) and I don't suppose it had a lot of open space around it. Maybe someone who lives in the area or who did some service time at Glenview can tell us just how built up (or not) the surrounding area really was.

    As for the runways and taxiways, that can't be helped. It's an old FS2002 issue that's been long forgotten by most of us. It affected many stock airports in FS2002, and someone (who can no longer be contacted - we tried) released a couple of big packages of fixes. Since Glenview is a CFS-2 scenery, and CFS-2 was apparently much more closely related to FS2002 than to FS9, it's not much of a surprise that the issue has reappeared there. Despite much weeping and gnashing of teeth back when Glenview was first transferred into FS9, those of us who were involved at the time came to the conclusion that there's nothing we can do about it. (If only that FS2002 person was still around! Drat!)

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    Thanks Mick, I'll take what I can get even if it's not perfect. I think I'm the first guy to load the CFS2 Glenview into my GW3 install and was surprised it would show at all. Others came along and really improved it, which I am very thankful.
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    Circa 1954 and for quite a few years later there was plenty of open space around NAS Glenview. I grew up in Northbrook, just north of the base. Except for some housing the NAS was pretty much all there was between Pfingsten Rd. to the west and the Milwaukee Road RR tracks to the east. Also nothing but weeds north of Rwy 17/35 to Willow Rd. The town of Glenview first started expanding south of 17/35 but no subdivisions flush up against the field. For NAS Glenview in FS9 you'd probably be better off making your own rather than trying to adapt the CFS2 version. If I were a scenery wizard I'd make one myself but I can barely place a runway let alone an entire NAS.

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