Happy Birthday fde-bressy
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Thread: Happy Birthday fde-bressy

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    Happy Birthday fde-bressy

    Happy Birthday, I hope it is a great one

    "Laissez les bon temps rouler"

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    Hope you have a great day; Happy Birthday fde-Bressy.


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    Happy Birthday, Sir!
    "These Blockbuster Bombs don't go off unless you hit them JUST right". "Agent Provacateur".

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    Bon anniversaire François


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    Thanks to all of you.

    61 now, and having a drink tonight with my wife and my old dad, a former general in the French army, and still fine.

    I'm still having a few repaints going on, and still think of you, although I've become really busy after I got retired...( Now, my wife can use me on full time basis for various tasks at home, and I can't pretend anymore that I'm tired...)

    Thanks to all people going on to develop our game, building new aircrafts.


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    Happy Birthday!!
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    Happy birthday sir!
    "De Oppresso Liber"

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    Happy Birthday Francois

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    Happy Birthday François!


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    Icon14 Reply..


    Thank you for sharing your talents; I hope you had a wonderful and satisfying birthday!

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    Francois glad you enjoyed your day. A belated birthday wish from me too!

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