A question for designers (and others :-))
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Thread: A question for designers (and others :-))

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    A question for designers (and others :-))

    Hi all,

    In 2011 I modified an FS9 Dewoitine D-520 so it would fly in FSX Acceleration with a nice VC with working gauges and uploaded it on SimViation (more than 3000 downloads, not too bad for a beginner). It then had a clear gunsight. Due to a reinstall of FSX Acc on my PC with Win7 I looked at the model again, just to discover that the gunsight (ONLY the gunsight) now turns from clear to black. So far I didn't find a repair. So my question is: has it something to do with the mdl.-design?? Plane can be found on SimV, search for D-520. Suggestions for a solution are most welcome.

    Regards, hertzie.

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    Hi Hertzie,

    just to ask, use these parts of it a 24bit texture maybe? Probably you can covert it into a extruded bmp or better into a dds-format file, for example with the DXTBMP tool.
    Best regards, Manfred.

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    Hi Manfred,

    Thanks for help, much appreciated that. Yes, I changed the panel bmp's to dds's, that ruins the 2d and the VC gets blank grey. I also tried to foddle around with the background colors setting of the VC, doesn't help either. The problem is that te gunsight is on the top of the $tdb-bitmap, but isn't visible. It's not designed there, I can't find it. And I don't know if you can change things with background colors.



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    Just downloading it. Will have a look how it performes on my PC. Regarding your answer, it might be an issue with a wrong alpha channel I assume...
    Best regards, Manfred.

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    Some different issues here - don't get any gauges so far, but the gunsight is fine
    So forgot to ask: Do you use the DX10 preview maybe and the Scenery Fixer as well? In that case, you maybe forgot to simply scan the new installed D-520. This is strictly recommended after installing a legacy aircraft (for example from FS9). This fixes the problems with FS9 models in DX10 preview. Just a thought...
    Best regards, Manfred.

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    Hi Manfred,

    With the preview DX10 option boxed I have a perfect VC with clear gunsight, but no textures and no pilot.......



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    Oh, and I forgot: what is the scenery fixer????


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