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Thread: Aerofly FS2 (military) Screenshots Here

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    Morning Light in Florida South

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    Camel and Corsair over TE Netherlands

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    It would be nice to have some planes to show here other than P38, F4U, Sopwith Camel, F18, F15 and S211 (as fabulous as they are) but those days are perhaps coming. Over on the Aerofly forum there are pics of a superb F104G Starfighter that a guy is developing and nearing completion. Another guy who developed a whole range of aircraft for Aerofly FS1 has now gone on to FS2 and planning to update a lot of his models... and me well I'm working on something too but I'm not saying what at this stage. Too early to be sure it will ever get completed. Its a firm favourite of mine and something that I attempted during my first foray in 3D modelling but chickened out of because it was a very tricky subject... but now after years of experience not so daunting.


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    Just wanted to see if links to pics in the Aerofly site gallery would show here as they are at full resolution... there is a button near the top that allows you to view them at full size.


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    Sorry... my bad should have gone in other screenshot thread not the Military Aircraft one.


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