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Thread: Screenshots Redux

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    Screenshots Redux

    I'm going to resurrect this long forgotten thread. We have got lots to be proud of in this ol sim.
    A little suggestion. Use an upload site for pics, then get links and post 'em. Many benefits going that route. Just to name a couple:

    Register, sign in and you're good to go. Any questions? Just ask. Some of my latest...

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    An oldie for the collection:
    "De Oppresso Liber"

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    How's this?

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    Great idea Dave,

    Something we can do in this ole sim that other sims struggle with - operations from a moving deck!

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    Just kicking in my two cents.
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    Hey guys, all beautiful shot! Especially the combat screens.

    Here's one over Babo, late afternoon.

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    Geeez I'm Rusty

    It took a while, but finally...

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    Never pass up an opportunity to post a few screenies!

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    Always love to see ppl put their beauty screenies..Thanks Dv for making it back!

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    Sweet shots wiekniera! We're pretty fortunate to have such a library of models by generous designers. Aye?

    Hey Pete, is that C-47 Manfred's?

    Maskrider, loving your pics. I want your computer...

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    Gettin some: (Nice pics y'all)
    "De Oppresso Liber"

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    A present for you:
    "De Oppresso Liber"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Wolf 07 View Post
    A present for you:
    I like!

    This is an old re-run from a while back. When I still had hair.

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    Fx Rework

    Been doing some changes to the fx_engfire_m. I'll go on to the "s" and "l" next. From a personal viewpoint, never could agree with the orange in the fx file. It's what shows immediately after the fire.

    So I opted to replace the orange with a smoke emitter.

    So subjective I know, but this seems more in the ball park. A night shot below.


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    Thanks dave! yes cfs2 is very fortunate to have lot detailed bird from generous dev and also got plenty excellent payware that u could convert it
    btw it's nice effects you've got there..did you change fx_1 ? im a bit annoying with that orange smoke powder's good to see that you've change it
    there's plenty resources from strike fighters that might have soemthing useful for you especially the fx and textures

    WBS FL P-51B

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    Hi wik, only the fx file was changed. The fx_1 is a mod done by Stiz. It's here in the library.
    Nice "Stang"! Wbs? For converted models, look in the library for Kelticheart's prop disk *.bmp. They are under CFS2 Effects. That will clear up the prop.


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    yeah it's wbs dave, i just finished my wbs conversion after installing back my xp & still lot of work with the others bird
    is it milton a-20 dave? looks nice!
    just got stiz fx_1..Thanks dave !

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    Quote Originally Posted by UncleTgt View Post
    Great idea Dave,

    Something we can do in this ole sim that other sims struggle with - operations from a moving deck!
    Where can I get that Sea Vampire?
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    4th Dec 1945 Capt Eric Brown makes the first landing of a jet aircraft on a moving deck...

    Baldy aircraft model here ...

    Model upgrade with textures & jet exhaust effect here ...

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    Truk Feb 1944

    no contest really ...

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    I like your M_fx Dave , posty please !

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    Icon12 ... so I wuz just flying along one day @ 52,300 ft....

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