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Thread: Screenshots Redux

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    Love weathered Skins

    Unc's skin on the OH Kate.


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    with love, from Elvington ...
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    Nice one UncleTgt. BTW, an all too often asked question but, what cloud files are those?

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    Dave, I'd love to say they were still my own renditions, but I replaced mine earlier this year with Rince33's Clouds (from June 2019). See this post for the version I think I have installed

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    After reading these last two posts I had to grab Rince33's clouds and give em a go. Very nice indeed!

    Thanks Dave and UT for the heads up and thanks Rince33 for the wonderful clouds!


    A late afternoon flight from West Tinian to Agana NAS, Guam using FSMetar-generated weather.

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    Very Nice

    Thanks Uncle and Chris for those screenies. Been on a short road trip but I'm home now. Going to be loading these up ASAP.

    Edit: Got 'em.

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    Ground Pounding

    Time to shake the rust off.


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    Gorgeous collection of shots there , really shows that this ole sim can still take your breath away ...
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    Yes, it certainly can, but I prefer the dirty work...

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    Quote Originally Posted by UncleTgt View Post
    Gorgeous collection of shots there , really shows that this ole sim can still take your breath away ...
    All I can say, UncleTgt is WOW! Is that your new Wake?
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    Quote Originally Posted by UncleTgt View Post
    Gorgeous collection of shots there , really shows that this ole sim can still take your breath away ...
    True uncletgt !! ole sim never die !!
    btw your island looks beautiful with those blue reef !!
    too bad i lost my PTO installation and need time to rebuild back

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    Does anyone succeed in making 3 clouds layer without ruining the clouds shape?

    This one is with CFO tools which i think in some case they're good producing clouds shape & volumetric than fsmetar

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    One of my Korea bases:
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    Wake Island, PANAM base on Peale Island
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    Wake island

    Lovely work John. Not a shark or a tourist in sight.

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    Last plane outta Dodge, Wake Island, December 1941...
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    Some new threads for Wolfi's excellent TBF-1 Avenger... kudos to Captain Kurt for the base paint - I just reverse engineered it into a monocolour base & got my brushes out .
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    Cool Wings of power

    B24D liberator... in all it's scasmlod glory...surprisingly nice fps for a big AC.Cheers mav
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    Wings of power

    The fw190a9.... animated head,stick in VC and scasmLoDed.Cheers mav

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