Todays Frustrating Problem.
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Thread: Todays Frustrating Problem.

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    Todays Frustrating Problem.

    I decided to reload FSX 'Gold' today (some things just work in it!) and all went as per normal until I inserted the Acceleration disc.
    Twice it told me I need to install it into an 'English' version of FSX.
    Removed FSX, dug out backup 'Gold' package, same bloody result.
    This makes absolutely no sense at all, I have two FSX Gold packages and both are the genuine article, both have worked fine previously and all discs are unblemished.
    Any ideas would be most welcome!!!
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    Are the second discs somehow swapped set to set? I'm no expert on the licensing, but I would think MS would find a way to make you scratch your head/punch your computer and that just might do it. Anyway, worth a try.

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    What operating system are you on (i.e. Win 7, 8, 10 or some other flavour like Mac OSX or Linux) and are you running the installer(s) as an administrator if on a Windows system?

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    Thanks for the suggestions team.
    Can't mix up the discs as they have contrasting designs printed on each set.
    One I purchased not long after FSX escaped MS and the other around 2010 at a sale courtesy of JB HiFi, A$15:00.
    I'm running on Win7 64 Ultimate, have been doing so for a very long time.
    There might be some sort of a clue that has turned up, out of sheer irritation I decided to load ORBX into the non-accelerated FSX, with absolutely no result.
    After a little digging I found ORBX had installed in 'FSX' under my Steam Apps folder ................................
    It crossed my mind that Dovetail are a 'European' operation, not that should make a difference.
    Currently I'm searching the system for any trace of FSX:SE, or even just FSX.
    A dreary project but it might do the business, FWIW I only use FSX to run ORBX Australia, as P3D is chock full of every other piece of ORBX scenery I own.
    I will post the results if I am successful in case it strikes any other unfortunate.
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    Could it be something as simple as the keyboard language has been altered by mistake? Sometimes happens to me that it goes from English to French Canadian and only reveals itself when I try and type the symbols as they are in a different place otherwise you would never know.
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    I gave up out of frustration after checking through the suggestions from the always helpful team.
    Thanks all.
    As an interim measure I just reloaded FSX-SE.
    It's mainly so I can install those aircraft that only recognise FSX, which I then transfer to P3D.........
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    If that is the case, you only need a copy of fsx.exe in your
    P3D root folder and they will install direct into it.

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