Shessi_PBY-5 Blackcat Textures by DvSlats!
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Thread: Shessi_PBY-5 Blackcat Textures by DvSlats!

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    Icon22 Shessi_PBY-5 Blackcat Textures by DvSlats!

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Skins - American

    Description: Reworked "Black Cat" textures for the Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina for CFS2 by Shessi.

    Used the alpha-sim paintkit and did the naming of the bmp's. These are in Extended color 256 format.

    There's no red bleed through with these.

    Enjoy, Dave

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit Shessi_PBY-5 Blackcat
    The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.

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    Many thanks! Putting it on this model really flushes out the color! (Or lack thereof...)

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    Nice... thank you!
    "De Oppresso Liber"

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    Hey, your welcome guys. It was my pleasure. Sometimes no color is good.

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    Thanks for these Dave, saved me some time ...

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    Captain Kurt
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    Thank you sir, these textures look great.


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    Whoa! To all you mates from top to bottom, you're welcome.

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