Video of NYC pass in RV-7A
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Thread: Video of NYC pass in RV-7A

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    Video of NYC pass in RV-7A

    This is a quick pass of NYC and the Statue of Liberty in a Vans RV-7A with FreeMeshX installed in FSW.

    What do you all think? I know, things are not complete in this early access sim, looking more for comments on quality of graphics.

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    Great improvement for sky, clouds etc. over initial release!
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    Are there any particular locations/weather conditions any one would like to see. Creating videos is easy.

    Snow in Florida!! with a bad landing

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    Quote Originally Posted by txnetcop View Post
    I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel....
    Yes, it is starting to look like a matured product. My computer is not really upgradable to a 64-bit OS, the hardware is just too old and the motherboard too limited, but I have been following the battle between P3D v4 and Flight Sim World. DTG has been good about listening to feedback, making changes and fixing bugs.
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    Just remember, this isn't just stock FSW. It's with FreeMeshX installed. I installed the entire world FreeMeshX has available. But that's the only AddOn installed.

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