OT: 1939 Cleveland Air Races in Color
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Thread: OT: 1939 Cleveland Air Races in Color

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    OT: 1939 Cleveland Air Races in Color

    1939 Cleveland Air Races in Color

    These are twelve color videos from the 1939 Cleveland Air Races and besides the air racers there are also F3Fs and P-36s in their war game colors, both static and in flight.

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    The Boeing XB-15 was a nice surprise. It's...so silvery!

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    Thank you Sundog, these are fantastic!
    John Terrell
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    Thank you

    For a fan of the Golden Age of Aviation in the US, this is a wonderful treat.

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    A flight simulator based in the late 30s would be quite something. Period autogen, period ATC (almost none at all), period traffic (air, land, rail, sea), period aircraft and period navigation (airmail beacons and LFRR). Excuse while I daydream on.

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    Never mind your apologies Bjoern as I do dream of said things as well...

    Living by the grace of our Lord

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    These videos are a terrific find - thank you to the OP for posting the links!!

    mankind took aviation from a crawl in 1925 to a full sprint by 1932 - from top speed, to air frame strength, to engine output and durability.

    Aviation went from being a reckless hobby for extreme individuals, to a viable mode of passenger and freight mass transportation and it happened in less than a decade thanks to the air racers and aircraft racing engineers in that era.

    The great warbirds of the second world war were also forged in that fire. Blown canopies, supercharged air cooled radials, and liquid cooled inline engines, and the fighters and bombers that could help decide the outcome, along with enough pilots to fly them...all of whom were most likely inspired by the great racing pilots like Roscoe Turner, Jimmy Doolittle, Lowell Bayles, and so on.

    a fully dedicated Golden Age flight sim would be outstanding...this is why I appreciate the work that Golden Age Simulations is doing. Whether you like the the general aviation works of that time period (so many small startups and individuals were drawing up and trying to establish aircraft mfg concerns) - or the racing realm with all that raw energy, the Golden Era is a complete piece of aviation history. Exactly like any war period that has been modeled time and again.
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