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    Sharpen lettering

    I am trying to find a way to sharpen the lettering in this bmp. I've already asked Jan Kees and I don't understand what he is saying, I am not that much of a painter but would like to find
    a way to focus the lettering on the upper fuselage. I use but do have photoshop 2.

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    my suggestion was to draw the letters by hand (well in photoshop or similar of course).

    I had a hard time finding the letters I needed for this paint, and so I drew them myself:

    took me about an hour, I make the example nice and big (although blurry) and then draw the letters. Since your drawing will be a vector image rather than a bitmap, it will always be sharp, no matter how you scale it.
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    Jan, I'm a bit confused. You say use Photoshop or similar (I use GIMP and Photoshop CS2) and trace and draw them. Then you say the resulting drawing will be a vector image. I always understood one needs a vector drawing program and Photoshop/GIMP were bitmap images.


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