bglman.dll will not load
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Thread: bglman.dll will not load

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    bglman.dll will not load

    Since my latest WinX-updates I get the message "bglman.dll will not load and so this function will be disabled" when I start all of my FS9 versions (which are 6). That means that when I select an aircraft the plane will not show in the startscreen, which stays a black rectangle. When I go on everything works ok, so I can start and fly and land etc.

    Suggestions more than welcome,


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    IIRC that's the Cloud9/ Fs Dream Team .dll?

    You may have to reinstall add-on manager from their site

    And reinstall the C++ and .net framework files from Microsoft.

    hope this helps



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    OK, did what you suggested, but unfortunately no results. Thanks anyway for trying to help.


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    Usually the black start screen is to do with direct x, running fs9 in windowed mode is the fix.



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    OK, did everything and followed all the instructions in


    But indeed, in windowed mode the selected plane shows as normal.

    Hope someone finds/sometime there will come a real solution.

    Thanks to everybody who tried to help, much appreciated!!!


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