Military Avatars Package now freeware (and v4 compatible)
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Thread: Military Avatars Package now freeware (and v4 compatible)

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    Military Avatars Package now freeware (and v4 compatible)

    Just a HU for the freeware release

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    Thank you Dino!

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    Wow, thank you very much Dino, very generous!
    - Jens Peter "Penz" Pedersen

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    Thanks Dino!

    I already had the package, but thankyou for the update, and releasing it as freeware is very generous.

    It is a brilliant package as are all of your creations.

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    Many thanks Dino! Much appreciated!

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    Thanks for the update, Dino. I already had the payware version, but the update to P3Dv4 is much appreciated.
    Don H

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