A case to buy direct?
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Thread: A case to buy direct?

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    A case to buy direct?

    I have purchased a lot of stuff from PC Aviator. They are in South Carolina, my wife's home and where I was stationed at one time. Among the purchases were A2A products and Carenado aircraft.

    Last week both companies released products updated for V4 . PC Aviator has yet the release the updates. If I had purchased them directly from Carenado and A2A, I would have the updated aircraft. So has to not just pick on PC Aviator, Sim Market did the same thing with FSUIPC.

    Content distributors have a lot of competition. Rarely are they the sole distributor of an add-on product. It would behoove them to quickly release a upgraded product. Especially, one that is version critical.

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong. In my mind all it takes to put the new version in the distribution channel is a few like of html code to set up the link and change the copy slightly.


    My first SIM was a Link Trainer. My last was a T-6 II

    Intel Six Core i7 8700 @ 5.0 GHz
    16 GB DDR4 RAM
    2 Intel SSD 500 GB SATA 3 Drives and 1 950 GB SSD for PD3 V4
    2 GTX 970 4 GB RAM Video Cards
    IR Track 5
    Currently using single Optoma 1040P beamer

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    I take a buy direct policy where I can . Keep the developers happy. Has its benefits such as Milviz - will cost nothing to upgrade to v4 but if bought from shop there is a $5 fee and of course, the fastest updates.

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