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Thread: Aerofly FS2?

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    Aerofly FS2?

    Perhaps not the correct place for this but I have to ask - why no forum for Aerofly FS2? It's a little sparse in some areas but is still a very admired simulator with a growing user group.

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    We have it at work on our VR test rig and can say it's a wonderful piece of software and such a shame that it isn't supported as well as the rest. What with Orbx re-creating their scenery packages for it and it being so good in VR, would like to see a Aerofly2 forum if possible.

    There must be other Aerofly2 users out there?

    Best wishes,


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    Thought I'd dust off this thread, although it's remaining top on the posting list. Hence, no one can castigate me for bumping an old thread.

    Here's a little video that was posted about the time of the last response. Having owned a copy of the Aerosoft Discus glider for years and years, I'm finding it cool that their flight sim can wrap around her now. It has beautiful graphics.

    Have spent much of the past 6 weeks deciding which 64 bit flight simulation to choose from. Quite a number of them now, and they all have their good points. Should be deciding soon, as I've got the new rig almost ready.



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    And if there ever was a reason to give this flight sim another look then look no further (am a sucker for nostalgia)...



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    Staggering scenery, albeit lacking a little yellow to the terrain color mix.
    That can likely be resolved using a lighting module to adjust the chromatics
    to one's personal liking. This is indeed a highly interesting flight simulation.



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