GMax RN A Class DD for CFS2 V2.0 by Stuart277!
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Thread: GMax RN A Class DD for CFS2 V2.0 by Stuart277!

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    Icon22 GMax RN A Class DD for CFS2 V2.0 by Stuart277!

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Ships Add-Ons

    Description: These are GMax renditions of the interwar Royal Navy A Class Destroyers, for CFS2 V2.0

    These ships are now multi-LOD and have appropriate DP files.

    They have been re-textured, so, unfortunately, repaints from earlier versions will not work.

    I have saved the textures as DXT5 files. I had problems with the ships appearing 'totally black' when using DXT1 and a transparency issue with the funnel caps when using DXT3.

    Each group has 6 ships:
    1939 with Pennant Number
    1941 with Pennant Number
    1944 with Pennant Number

    GMax models are included.



    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit GMax RN A Class DD for CFS2
    The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.

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    Thank you for the ships Stuart. They look great.


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    Icon22 Reply...


    Many thanks, these are outstanding!

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    Thank you very much, Stuart!
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    According to Martin Wright, the DXT1 bitmap creator, DXT5 will only work in CFS3 and not at all in CFS2. I'm wondering about what could have caused your problems in DXT1 and DXT3, but DXT5 is not supposed to work at all. . I think you didn't mean to say DXT5 though. I have downloaded and checked the texture files and you have an Extended 16 bit 565 bitmap which will work in CFS2 (has no alpha channels). So you are good there, it's just a much larger file than a DXT compressed file.

    You also have a .tga (Targa) bitmap, which I have no idea whether it is supported in CFS2 or not. Martin Wright doesn't mention it.

    Captain Kurt
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    Hi Captain
    I am not sure why DXT1 was causing problems.
    It only started recently (could be a windows 10 / GMax problem). Gmax has been giving me a bit of grief lately.
    The problem was when I started the mission builder for testing the models appear totally black until I flew over them, whereby they appeared as they should.
    I solved that problem by saving as DXT3.
    Unfortunately, the A Class DD's had the black on the top of the funnels appearing as transparent (although the outline was still there)
    I tried re-texturing and changing the colour without luck.
    I thought I saved as DXT5, but, as you have said, it was saved as Extended 16 bit 565.
    As for the .tga file, GMax uses TGA files in the texturing process, so I include them (I probably do not need to do that).

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    late to the party, I know...

    Thanks for these new models Stuart, I'm sure they'll be put to good use

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    Smile Mistake

    Hi all,

    I have made a mistake with these ships.

    The A Class DD should have minesweeping gear. (The B Class does not have this)

    I will resubmit V2.1 later today.

    Sorry about that.


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