Grass taxiway texture problem
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Thread: Grass taxiway texture problem

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    Grass taxiway texture problem

    Good afternoon everyone,
    as can be seen on the screenshots above, I have a problem with my grass taxiway texture...
    Does one of you have an idea how to fix it?
    Best regards,

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails taxiway texture problem.jpg   taxiwat texture problem.jpg  

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    Not sure that this would be of any help but I have found some early FSX sceneries where taxiways show up as grass rather than black top. There is a program called Airport Design Editor and while it takes some study will allow resetting the draw flags for sections of scenery including taxiways. I use Prepar3D so my scenery issues are probably different than yours but it may be worth some investigation. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable of ADE will chime in and add additional information.


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    Hi Warren,
    many thanks for your reply!
    I will have a look at ADE...


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    Hope it's not me but the grass taxiway textures look fine. I wouldn't expect to see tarmac taxiways at an airfield with a grass runway. What are you expecting to see?


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    I believe the most current version is 1.70. Once running there is a section called "lists" I think and in that there are various sections of the selected airport scenery. There are several sections dealing with taxiways and the one I accessed was "taxi links" and at the bottom of this list there is an option to "reset all draw flags" and this action was the one which helped me with some sceneries. I found the process much more complicated than I have described but after some learning about the program I was able to obtain a more faithful rendering of several scenery packages.
    Hope this helps a bit.

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