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    Hello Aleatorylamp,

    I downloaded your package and AFX earlier today but when I came back to post a reply here, the site was not responding for some reason. It was quite amusing to find out that I had two other Lockheed Model 10 Electra installed on my Development Machine. I generally don't look for the type.

    I had a look at your model in the simulator about an hour ago and just finished my first exploration of your AFX.
    It is always interesting to see how other designers do things. You and I do things in a radically different manner.

    This is your current AF99 resource usage:
    23 Structures
    22 Components
    67 Parts
    1141 Parts Total.

    I am very surprised your Components count is so low.
    Even on a single engine Fighter, I typically use 28 to 30 Components.
    In this case, I believe you can significantly improve the appearance and reduce bleeds by changing the Engine Nacelles into Components.

    As I have commented before, "Part A can't bleed through Part B if Part A isn't behind Part B."

    I will have to revise my estimate how many extra Parts I will have to add.
    It seems like you use a lot of "Automatic Glue" and most of those will have to be replaced by Glue Parts so that I can control the assembly sequence better.

    - Ivan.

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    Hello Ivan,
    Thanks for your preliminary message. The flap problem is certainly a headache.

    I´ve kept on trying different things out with different sequencing and grouping,
    but to no avail. It´s quite frustrating - it was working so nicely without, even
    the exhaust wasn´t bleeding anywhere!

    There must be something I´m missing, which is annoying, especially after I was
    able to get the crew into the cabin with quite a complicated glue sequence that
    seems to work quite nicely!

    Well, regarding my use of structures, that you would perhaps qualify as "over-use":
    I find symmetrical whole elements logical candidates to be built as structures, if the
    parts count will allow it to be done in that way.

    As structures, I have 1 nose, 2 spinners, 2 rear spinners, 2 engines, 2 exhausts,
    2 nacelles, 2 fin top parts, 2 fin bottom parts, 3 wheels, 2 pilot torsos, 2 heads,
    1 tail wheel strut = 23 structures.

    As the nacelle-bodies are complete bodies in the wing, i.e. not top and bottom
    wing-covers with parts whose vertices are not to be aligned with the wing-part
    vertices, then I thought there would be no difference as far as bleeds are concerned,
    and they´d be OK as structures too.

    Updated paragraph: Actually, I was overlooking one factor:
    A nacelle Component, even if done built in one piece, would not have any
    sides inside the wing, they´d be hollow there, so there wouldn´t be any
    of the minor bleeding at the edges where the wing joins the nacelle.
    So you are right, they would be better done as components!
    But the flaps would still pose a problem, as it´s the lower rear nacelle section
    that bleeds there.

    As far as glue is concerned, I thought I´d used it as much as possible:
    On wheels/struts, in the cabin/crew/nose, and with the wing/nacelles/exhaust,
    tailplane/fins, so I´m surprised you say there´s so little. In this particular case,
    I hadn´t used the Spinner/propeller/engine glue sequence, because it seemed
    to work OK without.

    Anyway, I´m certainly looking forward to your possible solution to the flaps problem!
    Thanks very much again,
    "Why make it simple if you can also make it complicated?"

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