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Description: Four skins for Version 2 of Allen's F-94B (reworked from Tim "Piglet" Conrad's T-33.)

This set depicts two F-94B's of the U.S. Air Force's Air Defense Command and two versions of the plane operated by the NACA/NASA.

An F-94A updated with F-94B tip tanks of the 2nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 52nd Fighter Interceptor Group, around 1952.

An F-94B of the 66th Fighter Interceptor Squadron around 1952.

Two versions of an F-94B flown by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics / National Air & Space Administration's Lewis Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio in 1956, where it was used for aerodynamic noise research. It was acquired by NACA in 1956 and retired from NASA in 1959. The skins show it as it originally appeared with NACA markings and as it appeared after NACA became NASA in 1957.

Repainted by Mick on L'Iguane's bare metal textures.

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