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    Widescreen fix

    just a PSA for those who think the view is far to zoomed in, the good old WideViewAspect setting in the cfg works

    to change, go to "AppData\Roaming\Dovetail Games\FSW" , open the FSW.cfg and under the [Display] area change "WideViewAspect=0" to "WideViewAspect=1", save and your done!

    Improves the view somewhat
    yes i know i cant spell half the time! Thank you kindly to those few who pointed that out

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    Wow, one of the simplest and most obvious fixes and they missed it.
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    It's early access - why not report it so they know it needs fixing?

    On the Steam "Discussions" for FSW there's a link in the top sticky post to a bug reporting form. This is exactly what it's there for.

    Ian P.

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