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    Some fun photos to share:

    Late variant (a P-47D-40-RA) - with tail fin fillet, rocket stubs and dive flaps

    Earlier variant (actually a P-47M) - with no tail fin fillet or rocket stubs

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    Note that the majority of the period photos show the Thunderbolt with the 13ft-diameter Curtiss-Electric cuffed propeller, with the bullet-like Curtiss-Electric prop hub. However, the 13ft 7/8in-diameter Hamilton Standard hydromatic non-cuffed propellers, with the Hamilton Standard hydromatic prop hub, was also used (all of the props fitted to P-47's flying today are of the Hamilton Standard type) - and like the unit seen on the AH model. The Hamilton Standard prop type can be clearly seen in the photo of the P-47D "Rae", as well as likely in the photo of "Shirley Jane III". The cuffs of the Curtiss-Electric blades were only meant for use at high altitudes, so for those which only participated in low-altitude work (ground-attack/ground-support assignment), the Hamilton Standard blades fit the bill, with the big, thick paddle blades of the Hamilton Standard units pulling the fully-loaded aircraft off the ground better at takeoff as well.

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