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    Out May 18th

    i heard an interview with Amie from Steam who stated the FSW early release will be on May 18th.

    Cost will be about 20 Euros or $25.

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    Thanks for the info Bob
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    I'll believe it when it happens

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    That pricing does rather suggest a cheap basic followed by expensive addons.
    Rats - why won't anything work properly first time?

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    Just in case, here is where the interview can be heard (audio only):

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhasdell View Post
    That pricing does rather suggest a cheap basic followed by expensive addons.
    Depends on what you mean by expensive. But this is DTG's model, of course. I don't want to talk about how much I've spent on TS DLC. However, no one made me buy any of it, and the basic package had enough variety for quite a lot of train sim enjoyment.

    Besides, how much have you spent on FSX addons?!?! I'm betting an amount that far outshadows what you spent on FSX (or P3D). So, I don't really see any difference, except perhaps where you buy them from.

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    Out May 18th

    Definitely spent by far the most on addons, but most of that revenue went directly to the developer. I really do not accept the arguments or conditions of the platform developer taking a cut of the revenue, simply because they created the environment. They should market the base sim at a price that reflects the licensing and not throw it away cheaply and then take a not small cut of the fruits of someone else's labours. Everybody wanting to use an addon in FSW will have to have purchased it, so the developer of FSW has already made its sale.

    Good luck to DTG, but my feeling is that a large number of the flight sim community base do not see themselves as gamers. I certainly don't see myself as a classic gamer... maybe I'm just wrong. Only time will tell, as a number of members , not only here, have noted.

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    And if you bought DG Flight School, you get FSW free. This was impressive - http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforum...st-Impressions!

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