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    Yeah, I am going to test the envelope JHMCS/AIM-9X and see if I can match some of the published benchmarks. It will be very interesting to see the results.


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    The max acquisition HOBS is 80 degrees but firing is 90. It doesn't always work well at those extreme angles but I have made multiple kills. In certain circumstances and scenarios, you can use AIM-9X HOBS to fight your way out of a defensive multiple bogeys situation. It sure beats having to bring the nose full on!


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    ***update from Wags***
    Tomorrow, Friday, November 9th we plan a hot fix that will include the following for the Hornet:

    • If player uses in-game re-arm window for AGM-65E, they cannot uncage the seeker.
    • After player has fired all AIM-9, AIM-9 boresight reticle remains on HUD for all AA weapons.
    • AIM-9X not working correctly with unlimited weapons options
    • CLIMB logic for the FPAS page.


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    I've found that the toe brakes on the F/A-18 need to be inverted (like in FSX), has anyone else had this issue?


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    Quote Originally Posted by IanHenry View Post
    I've found that the toe brakes on the F/A-18 need to be inverted (like in FSX), has anyone else had this issue?

    Yes,I actually find this to be the case with most DCS Modules,Not sure why?


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    I had to play with the Axis assignment on the controls menu some as I was getting heals on the floor, brakes on. Happened initially on the P-51 too before I fixed it. Using CH Pro Pedals.
    Fly Navy/Army (Ret. 2/2018)

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    ***mini update***
    We’ve been listening, and in one of the next updates we’ll be providing the ability to show the JHMCS projection on the left, right, or both eyes when in VR.
    While the left and both eye options are not realistic, we are making this available in the Hornet Options / Special tab for those that wish to use this.
    Additionally, a lot of work is now focused on the Datalink / SA page. The first big step is creating the two MIDS radios and their interfaces / functions.
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    ***Beta update***

    DCS F/A-18C
    • AGM-65 IR code range fix.
    • Night cockpit illumination on external view added.
    • AIM-9X missile will be marked correctly in the JHMCS indication (not as 9M).
    • Quantity of AMRAAM missiles on HUD will update correctly.
    • TDC numbers which indicate altitudes of coverage do not change with radar elevation - fixed.
    • Radar sometimes can't lock target in BST mode - fixed.
    • Radar elevation doesn't work after target unlock - fixed.
    • Added option for VR (left/right/both eyes), added TD box.
    • Updated EN and RU manuals.


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    Hornet Mini-Update 2018-11-30
    For one of the next Open Beta updates we will add the A/A Waypoint (bullseye) along with range and bearing to ownship and TDC from bulls is displayed. This can be set to any waypiont, and you’d want to have one waypoint at the same location as the bullseye set for the mission.
    Additionally, the Bearing Range and Altitude (BRA) of the TDC cursor to the player ownship is displayed.
    Please see the attached image.
    From the HSI/DATA/WYPT sublevel, A/A WP pushbutton (2) can be pressed to have the selected waypoint be the bullseye. When selected, the following happens:
    1- The A/A WP legend is boxed.
    2- A bullseye symbols will be shown in the tactical region of the AA radar display (RWS, STT, LTWS, and TWS).
    3- When the bullseye waypoint is also the selected navigation waypoint, the symbol appears as a diamond with arrow point to north.
    4- When the bullseye waypoint is not the selected navigation waypoint, the symbol appears as a circle with arrow point to north. See attached.
    5- The arrow pointer on the bullseye symbols can point to either true or magnetic north, based on the HSI/DATA/AC sublevel selection.
    Bearing and Range of TDC and Ownship to Bullseye Indications
    Also note that when bullseye is enabled, that the bearing and distance of the player ownship to the bullseye is displayed in the bottom center radar display.
    The bearing and range of the TDC to the bullseye is displayed in the top right portion of the radar display. See attached.
    BRA Option
    From the radar DATA sublevel, the BRA option can be selected (boxed) at pushbutton 19. When enabled, BRA (baring) / (distance in miles) of the TDC to the player is displayed in the within the bottom left tactical area of the display. See attached.
    BRA 080o / 28
    2560x1440 761 KB


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    ***mini update***

    What we are primarily working on:

    1- Datalink / SA Page / MIDS
    2- GBU-10/12/16
    3- HARM
    4- A/A Waypoint and BRA data
    5- Further radar, AGM-65F, and JHMCS debugging
    6- DUD cue logic
    7- FLIR renderer
    8- A/G radar renderer
    9- Various systems debugging


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