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Thread: Dcs f/a-18c

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    That was simply stunning! It is beyond me why the aircraft in it's currently demonstrated state could not be released...with the maneuvers they just demonstrated and everything else currently in place, this is going to be one kick arse bird. Graphically, I felt like I was watching the real Hornet doing an airshow, from the LEX and wingtip vertices, to the high alpha maneuver (cobra?), just simply amazing.

    Thanks for posting Phantom.
    ....my other Stryker is a 2016 Challenger Hellcat......


    CPU: i9 7900X @3.30GHz water-cooled
    GPU: Nvidia 1080 GTX x 2 SLI configured
    RAM: 32GB DDR4@2666 Mhz
    HDD: 512GB SSD for Boot OS, 2TB SSD for flight sims, 2 TB 7200 RPM for all other stuff
    OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit
    HOTAS: TM Warthog and Saitek Combat Pilot Rudder pedals
    VR: Occulus Rift

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    Cheers Matt,Shouldn't be too far off now


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    I also felt like I was watching an actual video of a real hornet performing an airshow routine.
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    ***Mini Update***
    Hornet update time!

    As mentioned earlier, a lot of the work is focused on the air-to-air radar, and Single Track Target (STT) mode in particular. This uses “electronic roll” logic and we are now finalizing the antenna scan and limits. Once that is done, we can finish up the ACM modes and STT lock in BVR mode. This would also then allow us to finish up air-to-air symbology for the HUD and attack display.

    I had hoped/planned to next do an IFR field landing video, but we first want to set up proper instrumentation for the approach. USN Hornets are NOT equipped with standard ILS equipment. Instead, they most often use ACLS, PAR, or ICLS. We had first planned ICLS, but it appears this is no longer used, so we will instead develop ACLS ground stations that can be placed at an airfield, but like a TACAN station. Instead, I think the next academic video will be aerial refueling (became functional this week).

    The waypoint system is making great progress, with just a few items to clean up on the DATA page and include the appropriate HUD data.

    The art team further improved the cockpit by adding an albedo property to the textures using a PBR rendering method. This gives the surfaces a more authentic paint on metal look. You can see this in the two attached images.

    Other advancements have also been made on the Hornet external sounds and the vapor effects."

    Matt “Wags” Wagner

    Senior Producer

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    The hornet is looking looking super!
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    ** tiny update **


    Q: Will interactive training missions be included?
    A: Yes, the following free lessons are planned for the Early Access:

    1- Cold Start
    2- Airfield Taxi and Takeoff
    3- Carrier Takeoff
    4- Navigation
    5- VFR Airfield Landing
    6- IFR Airfield Landing
    7- Case I and II Carrier Landing
    8- Aerial Refueling
    9- AG Gun and Rockets
    10- Unguided Bombs
    11- Air-to-Air Radar Overview
    12- Air-to-Air Gun
    13- AIM-9
    14- AIM-7
    15- Defensive Systems


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    **Early Access Missions Updated**

    Updated again:
    1- Introduction and Basic Controls
    2- Cold Start
    3- Airfield Taxi and Takeoff
    4- TACAN Navigation
    5- Waypoint Navigation
    6- VFR Airfield Landing
    7- IFR Airfield Landing
    8- Air-to-Air Radar Overview
    9- Aerial Refueling
    10- Carrier Takeoff
    11- Case I and II Carrier Landing
    12- Air-to-Air Gun
    13- AIM-9
    14- AIM-7
    15- AG Gun and Rockets
    16- Unguided Bombs
    17- Defensive Systems


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    ***mini update***

    Over the weekend the team implemented both big and small items into the latest build that move us ever forward to an Early Access release. We are still on track for an Early Access release prior to the end of Spring 2018. However, we have no tighter estimate at this time given the complexities involved and the unknowns of how long testing will require.1- The Waypoint navigation system is now functional in the simulation and tied to the Inertial Navigation System (INS). This includes indications both on the HSI and HUD. This also includes most of the functionality for the HSI/DATA/WYPT page. This will provide most waypoint functions used by players. After Early Access release, we will implement the option for the programming of three waypoint sequences in the Mission Editor and the creation of Offset Waypoints using the HSI page. The last big item for waypoints in the Early Access release will be implementing the Waypoint Designate (WPDSG) option, that will set the selected waypoint as the target point. This is important for both weapon and sensor cuing.
    2- Starting from an airfield or aircraft carrier has some key differences when setting up the cockpit controls. For example: When starting from an airfield, the Hook Bypass switch should be set to FIELD and the Anti-Skid switch should be set to ON; when starting on an aircraft carrier, the Hook Bypass switch should be set to should be set to CARRIER and the Anti-Skid switch should be set to OFF. This weekend we enabled the ability to set default cockpit configurations for Ramp, Hot, and Runway starts to account for the starting location.
    3- Aerial refueling is now implemented. Now I just need to get good enough at this to not embarrass myself too much in a video.
    4- Fuel dump logic and animation has been implemented. This can be quite important to meeting max trap weights.
    Onward and upwards!
    Matt “Wags” Wagner
    Senior Producer


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    **tiny update**

    "Our latest Hornet squadron addition for DCS World: VFA-34 "Blue Blasters".

    Please note that we are first prioritizing skins for actual operators of the F/A-18C, that includes the USN, USMC, Finland, Switzerland, and Kuwait. After which, we hope to include "what if" skins for F/A-18A operators like Canada, Australia, Spain.

    As for the USN squadrons, we are first prioritizing those squadrons that have yet to or recently move to Super Hornets."

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    ***Golden Warriors ***.

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