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    ***Mini Update***

    Hey everyone,

    After talking with the team today, Iím afraid that weíll have to push the JDAM back a bit for several reasons:

    • Still some issues to resolve in the flight dynamics and auto-pilot when the bomb is released near or at maximum range.
    • We need more time to test.
    • We need to ensure that this new code will not break any 3rd party aircraft.

    We will though still have an Open Beta tomorrow that will include LTWS and other elements.
    While we are all disappointed that we can release the JDAM tomorrow, there is just too high a chance of it causing significant DCS-wide problems. If all looks good, we plan to release the JDAM in an Open Bea on 10 April 2019.

    In a related matter, we will be moving Hornet updates to a monthly event, rather than generally every two weeks. We simply need more time for proper testing to avoid bugs, break other products, and avoid the need for hot fixes. While waiting is always hard to do, this will ultimately provide a more stable and solid product.



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    ***Mini update***

    Hey everyone,

    While not strictly Hornet news but certainly related, the improved carrier environment is moving ahead quickly:

    1- The new Nimtiz-class aircraft carrier is nearing an early access release. There are a few items to first clean up like deck weathering, the bow catapult controller bubble, and elevator rails, but it's coming along great. Once a bit further along, GA will make a spectacular video and we'll discuss the features in greater detail. Once this is done, we'll return to the Kuznetsov and then the Burke.

    2- The deck crew animation for the bow cats is about done, and work has started on the waist cat launch animations for deck crew. This will also be using our new skeletal animation system.

    3- CASE I radio communications are now working and being tuned. Once that is done, CASE II and III will be coded. All voice over lines for pilot, marshal, tower, approach, LSO, and departure have been recorded with several authentic personalities.

    Our goal is to create the most realistic carrier environment ever done for a PC (entertainment and commercial). All in all, the carrier environment is going to be quite cool!


    - Wags


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    Hey everyone,A little update on the HornetÖ as mentioned before, much of the Hornet teamís time is focused on the targeting pod, JSOW, MSI for LTWS, tuning of JDAM and JSOW flight profile and autopilots, and a deep dive on the INS and GPS navigation systems. We are also working on the HARM guidance system in cases where the seeker loses track (it is currently re-targeting to a different emitter, whereas it should continue along the bearing to the assigned target). All these tasks are rather involved and not low-hanging fruit that can be coded quickly. Earlier, we focused on tasks with faster turnarounds, but these current tasks are taking longer. Development of the Hornet has certainly NOT slowed down, rather, itís simply shifted to tasks with longer development periods.
    We expect to have the JSOW, BRU-55A/A, and MSI for LTWS available later this month, and the targeting pod will start internal testing later this month, with a planned release in June.

    - Wags"


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    ***mini**update**new carrier**news**
    This is a work-in-progress test of the new carrier radio communications in regards to CASE I recovery in non-carrier qualification (CQ) conditions. Three approaches are made with differnet number of aircraft in flight and weather conditions.

    Not-OK approaches where made to test different LSO responses.

    Although this is demonstrated for the Hornet, voice-over lines have been recorded to account for all US carrier aircraft types.

    Implementation of Case II and Case III is also in progress."

    <span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: verdana, geneva, lucida, &quot;lucida grande&quot;, arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13.3333px; background-color: rgb(206, 213, 228);">


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    ***Mini Update***

    Hey everyone,A little update is in order. As most of you know by now, we had to push back OB 2.5.5 to next week in order to give a 3rd party more time to update their code to the new branch (no need to name names). As such, 2.5.5 is slated for 5 June and will include AGM-154A and C. I plan an introduction video this weekend to get you up to speed.
    As noted earlier, the Litening targeting pod went into internal test at the of this month and we are currently on track to release it to you in June. We still first release on station 5, but later add option for the cheek station.
    The team has also been busy improving the D/L, working on MSI for LTWS, working on Harpoon integration, fixed the HARM seeker when lock is lost, waypoint PRECISE mode, returning to work on the EW page, and implementing the MIDS page. The Hornet guys have been quite busy.


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    ***mini update***

    While not a huge or a rather sexy item, the team has implemented the declutter options for the SA page. It's based on the following declutter levels from pushbutton 7 that in turn displays the following options:
    OFF. All symbols are displayed
    REJ1. The following items are hidden: compass rose, lubber line, and SAM rings.
    REJ2: The following items are hidden: REJ1 items and Waypoint/OAP/TGT data, and TACAN data.
    MREJ1: Hide air defense symbols (SAM and AAA) and rings.
    MREJ2: Hide surface unit symbols (coming later).

    This is planned for one of the next Open Beta updates.

    PLID is the next planned SA feature. This will allow you to manually set the contact to friend, hostile, or unknown.


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    In an upcoming Open Beta we will add (Pilot ID) PLID to the Situational Awareness (SA) page.

    When pushbutton 2 (PLID) is pressed on the top-level SA page and a track is under the TDC, selecting PLID displays the Pilot ID sub-level that allows you to assign the trackfile HAFU. With no target under the TDC, the PLID option is removed and may not be selected.

    This can be useful when you have a donor designating a contact as hostile, but you have not used ownship senors to confirm. You can use PLID to set the HAFU as hostile.

    Next SA page tasks are Expand and Step.


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    Hey everyone, I want to give you a little Hornet update on the targeting pod and other items coming to the F/A-18C. After talking with the team today, the Litening targeting pod will need a bit more time in the oven before we can release it. Given how integral this feature will be for the product, we want to further flesh it out before releasing into an open beta. We do apologize for this delay. Please note that all dates and time projections are best estimates at the time and can change. I mention this a bit here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=244404
    In parallel though, other tasks are steaming ahead like new features for the SA page including STEP, EXP, TXDSG, and other elements to complete this system. We are also making great progress on the Harpoon and it went into internal testing today. As noted, before, initial implementation of the air-to-ground radar rendering technology is now being used to create the Real Beam (RB) mode for the radar. Once RB mode is done, we can then use that as the foundation for other modes like SEA, EXP, GMTI, etc. On the GPS-weapon front, work continues on dynamic launch zones for JDAM and JSOW, Track While Scan (TWS) radar mode is underway, and other items and bug fixes.

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    Hey everyone,Probably the the most anticipated new feature of the Hornet is the targeting pod. As mentioned earlier, we will start with the Litening pod due to it being used by the USMC and similar to what we already created for the A-10C (hardly a cut-and-paste though). Attached is an image of it in action.
    It is important to understand that this is neither an ATFLIR or Litening pod ala A-10C. It is a Litening pod that uses standardized Hornet Mission Computer (MC) data export.
    Most of the core AG functions are in the game and working, with the big ones still being worked on being the setting a Target Point via the TGP (critical for AUTO and TOO mode attacks) and, AREA vs POINT tracking . After the initial release, we will continue to flesh out the pod to include AA mode, control pages, and additional functions/symbols.
    Our engineer assigned to the pod is working very, very hard on this and we are pushing to release it as soon as possible.


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    ****Litening Targeting Pod Intro****


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    **DCS Open Beta Changes for Hornet**

    DCS: F/A-18C

    • Added work-in-progress AGM-84D Harpoon in BOL mode (for single player a while)
    • AGM-65F IR Option WHT/BLK now only changes proper elements and not entire screen
    • TGP WIDE/NAR HOTAS command no longer changes MAV FOV when TGP is selected
    • FLIR - LTD/R - LST Key Assignments now available in Options
    • EXPAND will close when target is lost
    • EXPAND will not affect the Radar causing loss of targets
    • SCS Depress no longer controls Point/Area Track selection
    • Added Litening Pod to centerline station in single missions.
    • AIM9 boresight reticle restored.
    • Laser latch function works in different way randomly fixed.
    • AGM-65F will be possible to fire when if itís slaved by pod.
    • TGP Zoom will not controls Radar elevation in FLIR page.
    • Added input commands for FLIR, LTD/R, LST/NFLR switches.
    • Digital Map: electric circuit, TV screen condition for camera fixed.
    • Moving map fixed after GPS warmed up.


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