Help needed re. Google Earth position please!
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Thread: Help needed re. Google Earth position please!

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    Help needed re. Google Earth position please!- SOLVED!

    For YEARS, starting I think with FS2000 I have used versions of FSXGET to see my a/c position in Google Earth. I use GE on a secondary machine, along with AS16, ASCA, vPilot Client etc. As of yesterday- my FSXGET no longer works. It just gives me the Wndows 7 Error Box... FSX GOOGLE EARTH TRACKER HAS STOPPED WORKING... and the box closes. I can't for the life of me figure out what changed... the only things I added were the latest FSUIPC and Heron's Nest- but I can't imagine either interfering, as this message occurs even with P3D NOT RUNNING!

    Did something change back-end? I know there's the new "Chrome browser" GE, but why is the FSXGET not working? I have tried deleting and re-installing... same issue. Simconnect is working fine with AS16 and vPilot client... so that can't be it.....

    Any thoughts (please)... I miss reading about the places I am passing above....



    PS- SOLVED- I deleted my current appdata\roaming\Jurgen files after deletion, reinstalled, and allest gut! Phew!
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