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    Hello everybody,

    We had a very nice flight from SBTU to SBJC, where we landed in the Amazon River not to far from our hotel, Just hope I travel agent didn't forget to book us which has happened in the past. And speaking about him, sometime he give us an flight plan that leave a lot to be desired. Rob went off to Belem Airport to practice some landing in his new ride a D-18 Beechcraft amphibian, evidently, he did OK we all got together had very nice conversation and a great dinner together. Belem is kind of at the head water of the Amazon as it discharges into the Atlantic Ocean. We should be heading off to SNCP here shortly. Oh, by the way, the food and drinks were just great. hehe
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    Nice flight to SNCP.
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    hehe back again.

    What can I say about last nights flight. A couple if things, one: if around the airport there wasn't a bunch of tall trees surrounding the place it sure help if we needed to land there.. Wasn't much water around for landing with the exception of a muddy swamp. Oh well, we are flight 19 so didn't matter which one, Just kidding! We had a lot of rain and wind on this flight just enough to wash the dust off the planes, but the weather did it thing and cleared up just as we arrived at the airport. The trip was IFR, I follow roads. No nav. aids. But we all made it down on the grass runway no dent, no scraps and no errors. hehe See you all later.
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    We've been having a debate about whose scenery is "right". Kevin contends I land "in the city" or "the jungle... really I land (mostly) on the water...
    SBSL (Sao Luis, Brazil) for example...

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