Messerschmitt Jet Projects: 1110 & 1112
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Thread: Messerschmitt Jet Projects: 1110 & 1112

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    Messerschmitt Jet Projects: 1110 & 1112

    As my first post on this forum, I'd like to present a couple of aircraft that I would like to see in game. Even though they were never built there is still a fair amount of data to worth with in making them; to add to this I have never seen any of these aircraft in any game or simulator before. It's a shame because there's so many interesting aircraft designed at the end of the war that look genuinely workable, yet nobody's ever bothered with them.

    Me. 1110

    Me. 1112

    I have lots of performance data available if necessary; wikipedia is not very reliable so I have my own books and sources.

    I think these two would be a unique and interesting addition to the sim, something new to try out. Check Vons Ad and Jewel-Osco Ad.Nobody's ever flown one of these before.

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    BorekS is the master of luft'46 aircraft here at SOH. Maybe,when He has the time, He might could tackle them in the future. He has some really cool stuff in the works now but His time is limited right now. Would be nice to see them i agree. There are some Luft'46 aircraft in the download section that are very interesting . Welcome to SOH ,glad to have you here. Let the fun begin .
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    The CFS3 other - betas folder has some luft '46 aircraft, eg the Messerschmitt P1101

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    well, I think there is a few another german what-if stuff developers yet... and maybe such airplane is a part of Dancats unreleased projects already. it could tell us FOOFIGHTER I suppose.

    oh yes, I like the P.1112 beauty, would love to make it, still having some kind of serious deal which I really should finish first however, never say never, could be made in a few days as "AI version" at least, just like the Horten H.XVIIIB Amerika Bomber:

    btw, I didn't noticed there is any CFS3 Warbirds Beta stuff section, otherwise I would put there some of my work.

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    They are quite good looking aren't they! In fact some German bloke dedicated an entire webpage to the P. 1112:

    Hope to see them in CFS3 one day!

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    hmm, the site says the intakes differs from all the images presented over www.

    the CFS3 virtual cockpit, if needed, could be a clone of stock Me 262 or Vampire.

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    shocked of who ever dares to sell such level of add-ons, anyway, P.1112 available at jet era site for FS series.

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    Hm, can't access the website. Shame it's payware too.

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    (DR/ MAW/ ETO/ PTO Textures)

    Keep it coming!

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    I saw that too payware. I do like many Luft46 aircraft but being from CFS2. I don't mess with them as CFS2 and Jet engines do not get along.

    Back in the day it may have been a good payware but now... Nope.
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    ok, I would bet you would rather spend some money into this P.1112 beautiful model
    its a S2 project variant, made by Luft46 known artist Marek Rys. I like this engine intake solution.

    would you still prefer to see the standard variant, or the S2 variant, fly at CFS3?

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    Well personally I would prefer the standard V-tailed version as it was meant to be constructed as the prototype (already being built as a mock-up in 1945); the S1 and S2 were from earlier drawings I believe. But ultimately the decision is up to the maker.

    Also that model is indeed beautiful. That artist should try getting some of his creations into a flight sim!

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    ok, having another question, if (when) we would build up the final P.1112 version, which shape of the air intake to create?
    the "common" one, as nearly all web images presents, or the intake shape as the site describes and his model presents?

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    Hm. Well, the 'fake' intake looks better in my opinion, but the other one is obviously more realistic.

    So I would go with the 'fake' one, but again it's up to you if you decide to make the plane.

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    Here is the proper solution to the aerodynamic problems of a submerged inlet. I believe they would have eventually discovered this in the production version of the aircraft.
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    Like the one with the wing intakes and single-tail . Look's more like a Alexander Lippisch design than the V-tailed version but i could be wrong. When it comes down to it the Artist comes first. Whatever you want then do it,it's your option. Just enjoy all the Luft'46 aircraft.

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    It's very similar to the P. 1111 though, which is the predecessor to the 1112.

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    Found another image with more detail on the fuselage and landing gear

    also note the side-hinging cockpit that messerschmitt always used.

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    found this right now, a stuff made with 3DS Max.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Pilot04.jpg  
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    did you try them with SF1 or SF2 engine?

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    I didnt tried or touched anything on this project, just found new images

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    Quote Originally Posted by BorekS View Post
    would you pay over 11USD for this?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ha ha! I did Borek/John, back in the day.

    I'm certainly not defending Icarus, as he has attacked and slandered SOH in the past, but the model is from 2003, so for it's time it was pretty good, and the only one. For those of us who were into Luft46, there was Mark Walsh's Luft'46 or Icarus.



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    I see, ok

    well, Ive decided today morning try to build some low poly P.1112. its evening and this is what I have sofar.
    the current texture and uv-mapping is made from the one of the most common P.1112 paint schemes. as the Henschel Hs 132 project, its not any final skin

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