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    Falcon flying

    Hi Milton,

    I have done the exterior model and animations. I will look into som basic flight dynamics before testing and painting.
    I have followed the suspension tutorial, and it seem to work ok.

    Would you care have a look and test it later on? It is FSX, and I understand that you have it installed...

    Animations worked out fine but "Look at constraints" for the gear was more hazzle then it helped. But it worked out in the end.
    VC is not started yet. I have just added some basic animations in the exterior cockpit.

    Arild (rotorhub)
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    Good to get her into the sim, isn't it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hairyspin View Post
    Good to get her into the sim, isn't it?
    Yes, looking at tutorials then some trial and error and then finally getting it to work is great!

    Modelling is only a small part, and it will not be perfect. But it is a good project for learning the process.
    I got it flying with the real numbers put in, but there is a lot to tweak in the cfg and airfile.

    A lot of challenges ahead I guess :-)

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    Chrome on mapped parts

    I have started texturing, and some parts could use some chrome. What is the best way of doing it. Reusing the main texture, or add smaller textures to the specific part?

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    That depends. If the part is supposed to have a shiny version of the main texture (and that area is not reused in the plane) then I use the main texture. If it is just generic chrome metal, I either use a small square on the main texture or a separate texture if I don't have room. If it is a completely differently detailed metal texture and there is no room on the main texture, then I make a new one. The fewer the better, though.

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