looking for a reliable WMA to MP3 converter
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Thread: looking for a reliable WMA to MP3 converter

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    looking for a reliable WMA to MP3 converter

    There's a lot of freeware converters out there but can anybody recommend a reliable one

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    There is a payware ($59 'unlimited' (ie: good forever)) program from avs4you.com that allows both editing and conversion. It handles all the usual audio formats, converts to/from any/all. If you hook it up thru your sound card (or audio panel on back of PC) you can feed audio from your CD or DVD player, radio, record player, or even YouTube (while playing videos) and rip the sound. You can hook up your keyboard, etc using the same cables (1/4 in phono to mini) and record. Lots of editing and effects in editor. Easy to use. If you buy one program you get to download all the other programs they have so it's a very good deal. I have been using all of them for 3 years now and my worries are over. I don't need anything else. And they offer free updates occassionally. You won't be sorry if you buy from them as they are a proven outfit with programs with NO CONS. Messing with freeware has it's drawbacks. No support, etc. I used them with Win XP and now Win 7 64 bit with zero problems and no issues.
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    Edit: Oh, and after you save your mp3 to hard drive you can then use Window Media Player to burn to CD. The audio editor program does allow burn to CD but the WMPlayer, I have found, gives you a lot more control when dealing with multiple files.
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