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Thread: A few Battle of France screenies...

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    A very interesting read, tying the fighting to the political activities in both France and England. Thank goodness it is also well written! Also worth a read is "Unflinching Zeal" by Robert Higham on the period from May to October 1940.

    Very much looking forward to seeing the result of your research Rami.

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    Where it is most helpful is the effort of the Armée de l'Air.

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    Good morning,

    Because of UncleTgt's wonderful contributions to this campaign package, I did a series of missions for him based on info he had sent me when we were researching this...

    "title_string"=Lizzie Squadron - Dawn patrol on the enemy border
    "summary_string"=Listen up, chap! The enemy invasion is expected at any moment, & your section will fly a recce patrol along the border, looking for any visible evidence of enemy movement in the air or along the ground. Keep your eyes peeled, radio in whatever you see, and get back safely! Let's show the Germans we'll not be caught napping!
    "objective_string"=German forces began the attack on France and the Low Countries by bombing & then strafing French, Dutch, and Belgian airfields literally beginning at or just before first light. Patrols by both RAF and French planes that morning frequently missed the incoming raiders, who began the attacks just after first light. Monchy-Lagache, the airfield of 4 Sqn, was raided by He-111s. This is a fictional version, with you flying a dawn patrol near the border and returning with your airfield under attack.
    "intelligence_string"=After takeoff, you'll head east-southeast to reach Metz, along the German border. From there, you'll continue north to Thionville, looking for any signs of incoming German raids. Your patrol altitude for the recce sweep is Angels 6. If the skies are clear in the area, return to Monchy-Lagache, as you will likely be busy on reconnaissance sorties as we get more info on the enemy invasion. Be safe up there, and good luck!
    "player_aircraft_name_string"=Westland_Lysander_Tr opical 13 Sqn
    "airfield_string"=France - Monchy-Lagache

    "title_string"=Lizzie Squadron - Armed recce sweep over Belgium
    "summary_string"=Listen, pilot! We need all available info on German ground movement in Belgium along the frontline, so you will fly an armed recce over the area. You are looking for any Panzers or vehicle columns. You've been given bombs for attack if you've the chance, but the primary task is to gather the intel we need and make it back alive! If we're going to blunt the enemy advance, we need to concentrate our forces in the right spot. We are counting on you!
    "objective_string"=On 13 May, 1940, one of the pilots of 4 Sqn flew a reconnaissance patrol over the Belgian frontline. During the patrol, he was jumped by nine Bf-109s, but with luck and skill, he managed to evade these fighters and return to base despite taking a total of thirty-two hits from their guns. This sortie has been combined with other patrols flown by 4 Sqn in this area on 13 May. The attacking of a Panzer column is fictional, but this did occur later on as the tactical situation grew more desperate for the Allied forces.
    "intelligence_string"=After taking off, you will fly into Eastern Belgium & begin patrolling from Tongeren, flying west and north from Sint-Truiden up to the town of Tienen, then north-northeast to Diest, and west-southwest to Leuven, looking for any signs of German ground movement. If you locate them, you may attack them at your discretion. If German fighters appear, use your low-speed maneuverability to evade 'em, and then return to Monchy-Lagache. This will be a solo effort, so be careful up there, but hopefully this will also draw less attention. Good luck!
    "player_aircraft_name_string"=Westland_Lysander_Tr opical 13 Sqn
    "airfield_string"=France - Monchy-Lagache

    "title_string"=Lizzie Squadron - "B" section moves up to Aspelare
    "summary_string"=Listen up! You'll move today from Monchy-Lagache to Aspelare, while the rest of the flight settles in at Lille-Ronchin. Your flight will take the forward position to help Allied troops currently in Belgium facing the enemy advance. Let's get up to our new airfield and be ready to assist our friends on the ground in Belgium!
    "objective_string"=On the morning of 16 May 1940, RAF 4 Squadron moved from Monchy-Lagache to Lille-Ronchin, with the detached "B" flight continuing up to Aspelare airfield in Belgium. Though they all landed safely, they were seen landing by a enemy recce aircraft, and a raid by Stukas on the field followed shortly thereafter. This mission differs from the record by having you run into the German recce plane just prior to landing, & with a low chance of the enemy plane having a Bf-110 escort.
    "intelligence_string"=After getting airborne, you'll head northeast from Monchy-Lagache, flying west of Valenciennes, and then into Belgium. Aspelare field is located almost exactly between Geraardsbergen and Ninove. This airfield will be your new home for the time being. Make sure to look for any German aircraft before landing; we don't want to expose any ourselves to attacks. Good luck!
    "player_aircraft_name_string"=Westland_Lysander_Tr opical 13 Sqn
    "airfield_string"=France - Monchy-Lagache

    "title_string"=Lizzie Squadron - Lizzie recce sweep over Belgium
    "summary_string"=Attention! German forces are concentrating across the Belgian front, & we need your squadron to map the Leuven area, giving an accurate assessment of what our troops are facing. This will be dangerous work, so each Lizzie section has their own escort. Get the vital intelligence that we need, then radio in. Blenheims will be sent out for an attack based on your intelligence, so be sure that it's accurate!
    "objective_string"=On the afternoon of 16 May 1940, nine Hurricanes from 615 Squadron set out to escort Lysanders of 4 Squadron on a recce sweep above the frontline. As the Lysanders neared Tienen, the formation got jumped by Bf-109s of II/JG 26. Two Hurricanes were shot down in this engagement, along with one Lysander. Later on, the formation was also jumped by a flight of Bf-110s. However, all but one of the remaining Lysanders were able to escape and even shot down one of these Zerstorers in the process, though one needed to make a forced landing after being shot up.
    "intelligence_string"=After taking off & meeting up with the Hurricanes you'll fly a patrol along the frontline from Tienen toward Leuven, looking for any German columns or troop movements, and get pictures if possible. The Hurricanes should be able to handle any Germans, but if you get into serious trouble, your Lizzie is very nimble, so use your maneuverability to evade the threat, then your machine guns to return fire. Once finished, you will land at Lille-Ronchin, your new airfield for the time being. Good luck!
    "player_aircraft_name_string"=Westland_Lysander_Tr opical 13 Sqn
    "airfield_string"=France - Monchy-Lagache

    "title_string"=Lizzie Squadron - Lysanders evacuate Lille-Ronchin
    "summary_string"=Scramble! German shelling of our base has ceased, but not for mercy's sake; their bombers are about to release on Ronchin and catch us before we can escape! Get airborne now and evade these raiders! Once you clear this carnage, head west-northwest to Saint Omer, where we will continue operations. Let's show the Luftwaffe that we will battle them from every corner of France!
    "objective_string"=On the morning of 22 May, the remaining thirteen Lysanders left Lille-Ronchin after a lull in German shelling allowed them to escape. However, it was a ploy; by the time they reached St. Omer they were met by an attack of some fifty Dorniers, Bf-109s, & Bf-110s. This lull in the shelling was a trap, and these remaining Lysanders were forced to scatter. This eliminated many of the remaining Lysanders, as they were picked off by fighters. For the sake of variety, this British mission has the Lysanders attacked at Lille-Ronchin, the German version will have the attack at St. Omer.
    "intelligence_string"=Following takeoff, the objective is very basic; get away from the raiders and the fighter escorts any way you can, and then fly west-northwest toward Merville on the way to Saint Omer, trying to bring as many members of your flight (five) to safety as you can. Bring three, and you achieve this mission goal; bring four or five, & you achieve the hidden goal. It is recommended you try to avoid combat. You may be able to evade Bf-110s effectively, but if Bf-109s are around, this is extremely risky. The best strategy for survival is to get low, keep your throttle to the full, and live to fight another day!
    "player_aircraft_name_string"=Westland_Lysander_Tr opical 13 Sqn
    "airfield_string"=France - Lille (Satellite)

    "title_string"=Lizzie Squadron - Desperate moments above Samer
    "summary_string"=Listen, airmen! Before dusk, we're going to patrol the area around Boulogne, looking for any German vehicles attempting to reach this port from Samer or Montrueil-sur-Mer. If you find 'em, attack 'em, taking out as many vehicles as you can. Let's show the Germans that we will do everything we can to hang on to the ports we need to withdraw from the Continent!
    "objective_string"=The evening of 22 May 1940 saw eleven Lysanders depart Manston to assault German columns moving north from Samer up to Boulogne. In the desperate effort, one Lysander was shot down and two more were damaged by ground fire. A second Lysander was also lost when its unreleased bombs detached & exploded on return to their bases in England. It is not known if any enemy vehicles were damaged or destroyed, but it appears these Lizzies weren't intercepted by enemy fighters.
    "intelligence_string"=Following takeoff, you'll fly south-southeast and cross the Channel, reaching France near Boulogne. From there, you will continue heading southeast at low altitude toward the town of Samer, where the enemy column was reported moving north. You will attack the column with bombs and strafing passes, then head north to clear the area and then recross the Channel to return to Manston. Make sure to put your bombs on the target; our ability to hold on to Boulogne may hinge on this raid!
    "player_aircraft_name_string"=Westland_Lysander_Tr opical 13 Sqn
    "airfield_string"=England - Ramsgate

    "title_string"=Lizzie Squadron - Getting out right under their nose
    "summary_string"=Scramble! German Panzers have just pushed though the trees north of the airfield, & are now heading for the runway. You must take off immediately, or risk capture! Once airborne, fly northwest toward the coast, & escape to England. Our stay in France has ended, we must live to fight another day!
    "objective_string"=The morning of 24 May 1940 saw the remainder of "B" flight evacuate St. Omer at first light under threat of being overrun by enemy tanks, who were only a very short distance away. The ground crew was evacuated to Dunkirk once the Lizzies left, as other Lysanders escaped to Dunkirk from Ronchin. Later on, the Sqn Ldr returned to set fire to fuel & destroy any remaining aircraft. By the time the entire Squadron had escaped to England from St. Omer & Dunkirk, all but eleven of 4 Sqn's Lizzies were lost. More than sixty percent of her ground crew had sustained casualties. The Squadron was in shreds.
    "intelligence_string"=When the mission begins, you will have less than a minute to get started & reach takeoff speed. Once airborne, you'll head northwest toward Calais and then maintain this course over the Channel to land at Manston, where you'll recover & await further instructions. Don't try to strafe or delay over the area, just clear out and go home!
    "player_aircraft_name_string"=Westland_Lysander_Tr opical 13 Sqn
    "airfield_string"=France - St. Omer

    "Me? I'm just a Sea of Tranquility in an Ocean of Storms, babe."

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    Good afternoon,

    Here is the last Lysander mission...

    "title_string"=Lizzie Squadron - Mass confusion along the frontline
    "summary_string"=Attention! German forces are within two miles of our base, and your Lysanders are the last to leave. Get airborne & make your way to safe skies! After leaving Belgium behind, you will head to the coast, taking a circuitous path to avoid any intercept by German fighters. Get to St. Omer safely so we can continue the fight!
    "objective_string"=18 May 1940 began a period of constant confusion in 4 Sqn records. On this day, indications are that Lille-Ronchin was abandoned, and this Sqn moved briefly to Boulogne, then to Saint Omer. Yet other Lizzies were operating out of Lille-Ronchin as late as 22 May 1940. It seems this mission began from Lille-Ronchin, but for this evacuation, you'll begin at Aspelare. All groundcrew have departed, so the base is now completely bare. En route, the ground echelons were raided at Merville by Heinkels, but ultimately reached Saint Omer. One Lysander was lost to Bf-110s during this mission.
    "intelligence_string"=After leaving Belgium, you will fly southwest and then west-southwest to reach Lille-Ronchin, where 'A' flight will take off & join you. You'll fly first to Merville, then to Boulogne, finally turning back for Saint Omer in order to avoid & confuse enemy fighters. It is possible that the orders may change in flight, because different commanders are being told different things, and no one appears to fully understand the current tactical picture in France. Good luck to you!
    "player_aircraft_name_string"=Westland_Lysander_Tr opical 13 Sqn
    "airfield_string"=Belgium - Aspelare

    "Me? I'm just a Sea of Tranquility in an Ocean of Storms, babe."

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