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    Whisplacer Help Needed

    So, after installing the legacy simconnect.msi(s) in to FSX: Steam Edition, Whisplacer will still not connect with FSX Steam when I hit the connect button. It says "Cannot find the simconnect port (is FS Running?)" Could it possibly something to do with my current version of JAVA not being right? Do I need to manualy set my connection port and host? If anyone has any other ideas for getting Whisplacer to connect, those would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you need any other information, I will be glad to provide it. I have been hoping to create scenery for FSX for a while, but I keep on running into problems.

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    I don't have the faintest idea just what this Whisplacer is, but I found that to get some things to work right in FSX:SE I had to install all three legacy sinconnects that came with it. Started with the oldest, and installed them in order.
    It worked for me. And of course, I can't recall WHY I had to do that, but something required it, and it worked for me...
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    Hey Ryan,

    I just used Whisplacer for my first project. I didn't have simconnect issues, but it was a little buggy - I can see why folks eventually gravitate to IS. I had a few freezes, crashes etc.

    But overall, it worked pretty darn good; heck of a nice project for someone to release free.

    If you get it running and you're playing in Misty's world, let me know - I cobbled together an almost-complete thumbnails package for all the RTMM object libraries that works in Whisplacer. It might save you some time.

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