Making a custom panel for a second monitor view?
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Thread: Making a custom panel for a second monitor view?

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    Making a custom panel for a second monitor view?

    I bought a second monitor at a thrift store last week for $5. A very good deal, as it works great! What I want to use it for is my cockpit instrument view. I have the Mini Panel by WeFly, which works fine, but wondered how hard would it be to make a custom panel of the gauges I want, instead?


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    Pete, if you have FSPanel Studio it isn't hard at all really.
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    Yep, I figured FSPanel Studio will do the job, but can't justify spending the cash on it right now.....Thanks though! NC

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    Editing the panel.cfg file is pretty easy, find a 2d panel you want to copy from. Hardest part is figuring out what gauge is which

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    If you have an IPad, even a generation one, I found a great FSX app! It's by Remote Flight Apps.
    I bought the Bundle and saved a few bucks. I got the moving Map HD app, the Cockpit HD, and the Radio HD apps. Bundled I saved $10. ( ITunes app store )
    The free server software connects the sim to the IPad by wifi. It was easy to set up.
    The apps give me a touch screen radio panel, map or gauge panel. The sim radios change with the touchscreen app. I now have a full fledged touch screen radio panel. Or gauge panel.

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