FSX Native XB-35?
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Thread: FSX Native XB-35?

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    FSX Native XB-35?

    Has anyone made a FSX Native Northup XB-35? Another old favorite of mine.
    So many aeroplanes needing paint, so little time to do it.

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    Tim 'Piglet' Conrad was working on one when he disappeared from the FS community....
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    Guy's last name was "Northrop".

    Northrop's wings would be interesting subjects, but I figure that it would be hard to make FSX cope with the peculiar flight characteristics.

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    GMan has said he is considering making one.

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    There is one in the downloads section here but it's a work in process. I looks like it's coming along great, I hope it gets done through completion because it looks like it would be an awesome bird.


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