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    water scenery problem

    In one of my games I am still having a problem with the aspect of the water.
    How should I go about fixing it? The game as the latest 20170225 shaders in it.
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    BaseOpacity - Defines the water transparency. Lower numbers let the underlying surface texture show through more.
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    Bump, I'm having the same issue. If I delete the various ZX files and reload the water looks as it should with Ankor's shaders installed. However if I open up the game without doing so the water looks like it does in OP's post with the underlying terrain showing through and the sea being dark and transparent. Is there any way to fix this?

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    IIRC there is also a CFS3config.exe setting that can affect this. Every couple of years, an install of mine gets the land showing up through the seawater. Blowed if I can remember what I do to fix it. If MajorMagee's Ankor shader approach doesn't fix it I think you will have to look at a setting in the configoverrides.xml file that the CFS3config.exe program writes.

    It really helps if you have some working installs as well as the dodgy one - then you can just compare the different configoverrides (preferably using txt file comparison software) files to see what differences there are.

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    A for the current question.
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