A new update for DTG’s flight school has been released! Here’s the DTG post right here –
As part of our continued efforts to provide the best possible flight simulation experience, we are pleased to announce the seventh update for Dovetail Games Flight School is now live. The change log is as follows:
– Performance – fixed low FPS when in using 2D GPS
– Dual core crash fix
– Updated/re-formatted control settings page
– Added a fix for 4k monitors (flight planner)
– Update PA28 flight model (turning behaviour)
– Various text updates (localisation)
– Improved control settings page
– Fixed Black tree’s (world)
– MEP02 Lesson – Switched off panel lights at start of mission
– MEP03 Lesson – Fixed issue with incorrect directional information given
– Scud Runner Mission – tidied up end success sequence and removed compass from end cinematic
– Midnight Express Mission – Updated VO trigger points
DA42 Updates
– External audio improvements
– External lighting (strobe/landing etc) improvements
– Fixed locking feature of cross-feed levers
– Added functionality to joystick autopilot cutoff button
– Added functionality to fuel transfer switches
– Added functionality to flood light knob
– Updated navigation light appearance
– Updated exterior engine audio
– Applied various cosmetic fixes/improvements
– Added functionality to ECU switches
– Added functionality to alternator switches
– Added Fuel tank selector fix
– Hat switch fix
– Interior light updated to help visibility of G1000.
If you have automatic Steam downloads enabled, your update will install automatically. The approximate download size of this update is 200MB for those of you who pre-ordered Flight School and received the Diamond DA42 early, and 35MB for those of you who did not.

If you are experiencing any further issues, please contact our support team at http://shout.lt/bGqZL

Still a mighty big disappointment in my opinion!