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Thread: VRS Renewal Download

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    VRS Renewal Download


    Apparently, I need to pay to be able to re-download my purchased VRS software. If I havent extended the download period, will I still be able to activate the product using the older installer I have (in case I reinstall my fsx) ? Or do i have to pay again to activate the product. Im not really interested in downloading the latest version of the product. I am confused....

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    No you don't need to pay.
    The downloads for the latest versions of the software are all on the VRS forums, in the support area
    Yes this is confusing, but I guess the standard store download page is just there for the initial customer who is not registered on the forums yet.

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    save this link and refer to it whwnever ther's an update

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    I knew it wasnt as confusing as I thought.

    Thank you.
    Intel i5-2500K - Zotac GTX 750 Ti - 4GB G-Skills - Gigabyte B75M - Simbada 500 W PSU - 17' LED

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